Zeina, In Love

Their “meant to be” story couldn’t be more sweet. Saher’s mother grew up on the same street as the bride’s mother. They both were born at the same hospital in Abu Dhabi (exactly 2 months apart), they went to the same middle school, and in fact, went to the same university. So they have over 100 friends in common, but it wasn’t until third year of college when they finally met! Their parallel lives finally crossed paths.
There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since that day where they did not speak; whether it was a 13-hour Skype call during their long distance between Copenhagen and Toronto affair, or hours spent talking over chocolate cake at their favorite cafe in Toronto. Then love kicked in, it was only natural.
The wedding theme is what i like to call just beautiful 🙂 Surrounded by their closest friends and family, the couple celebrated the new chapter of their “meant to be” story with lots of love, smiles and dance.
The bride wore a princess ball gown with intricate beading from fave retailer, The Bridal Showroom. She kept her hair down styled with elegant waves and adorned them with a pearl and rhinestone headpiece from our Spring 2019 collection.
“The headpiece was my favorite part of the look and I hope to keep it for my daughter one day”
Zeina Aker
itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-111itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-198itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-538itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-570itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-820itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-1348itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-1439itsoura - zeina and saher-19itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-1448itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-1455itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-1485itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-1805itsoura - zeina and saher-66itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-2009itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-2535itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-2911itsoura_saher and zeina wedding raw-3520 (1)

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